DEI Coaching

Michael Sugihara, Executive DirectorEmerging Leader Initiative

Trevor has a unique ability to unpack complex and challenging topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion with such clarity and relatability. He naturally builds strong relationships across differences and thoughtfully inspires individuals and organizations to identify and confront bias within their beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. By asking the right questions at the right time, he seeks to bring injustice into the light and reveal important truths. In particular, Trevor’s coaching and guidance provides me with the comprehensive perspective and understanding I need to lead a multicultural, multigenerational community with humility, compassion, and creativity.

Alida Milranda-Wolff, Ethos Talent, Founder

Trevor is an empathetic, accessible, and conscientious facilitator who makes some of the most awkward and difficult conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice approachable to people from different perspectives and levels of understanding. I have had the pleasure to co-facilitate with him almost a dozen times, and throughout our collaboration, I’ve found him to be prepared, positive, and focused on getting to the best outcomes as partners. At Ethos, we ask him to facilitate the largest diversity of sessions of any of our facilitators because of his commitment to learning and his natural ability to connect with any audience.

Tashiara Little, Founder Thrive with Diverse Design

Trevor is somebody who can help people see that diversity, inclusion and belonging are values that every organization needs, and every person at a company can benefit from experiencing.  Throughout our relationship, Trevor has encouraged me to dream big, take well-thought-out risks, and bring my “whole self” to the table no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  What I love about Trevor is that he doesn’t want you to “see things his way.”  He wants you to learn to think in terms of how you can use your influence in this world for good.  And that’s something that we should all be aiming for, all the time.  No matter what tropic you are discussing with Trevor, he leads discussions in a way that makes everyone feel safe, valued, respected, understood, and included.

Scott Gaskill, Lead Pastor Harvest City Church

Trevor Jenkins is phenomenal at facilitating conversations through which people can begin to see their personal bias and begin to move toward unity. Trevor helped our mostly white church understand how our implicit racism might be holding us back from becoming a multi-ethnic church. I would recommend that ANY church wanting to take steps toward unity in the midst of diversity engage Unfiltered Conversations!

Earl Granbeery, Chicago Public School, Community Coordinator

Trevor Jenkins exemplifies the meaning of authenticity, character, and integrity. The time and energy he puts into understanding and becoming an expert in the areas of diversity and inclusion is like no other. Trevor’s experience and comprehensive approach makes him a great fit in providing tangible results for any individual or inspiring organization.

Dericka Hudson, VP, Human Resources at Synchrony

To move forward and gain mutual understanding, there’s a need to push past our fear, discomfort, and even apathy. The framework, guided facilitation, and environments of Unfiltered Conversations allow for raw, honest, and respectful dialogue.

Matt Fakhoury, Law Offices of Matthew M. Fakhoury, LLC

 We may not have solved the issue of racial discrimination in our country, but we walked away learning more about each other and our individual perspectives than expected, and that, in and of itself, is a great start.

Lupe Puga, Customer Success Specialist, AppDynamics

Being a person of color in tech, I’ve had to learn how to advocate for myself, create allies and navigate difficult conversations. I’ve been very fortunate to have Trevor Jenkins as a mentor and advocate. He’s a huge influence and making things happen!